How To Do Business With Weibo?

Weibo means micro-blog in China; it is similar with Twitter and Facebook. Sina Weibo has been China’s largest social network site (SNS) at present. By the end of December 2012, Sina Weibo has more than 503 million registered users, and approximate 100 million messages were posted on Weibo every day. The huge number of register users is a great chance for business to maximize marketing value. It has attracted more than 130,000 companies including one-third of top 500 enterprises in the world.

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In order to create China’s health food market, Weibo is a good tool for us. We can follow four steps for creating market.

  1. Preparation

Firstly, we have to confirm that our target customers and potential customers are registered users of Weibo. Secondly, we need make a long term plan for using Weibo to create health food market. Thirdly, it is better to get some professional advice.

2.  Account Setup

In this process, it is better to create a company Weibo page. Design of the company page and the basic setting is the most important two factors in account setup. Well designed company page will attract more users visit our site.


3.  Community Management

Community management is the essence of Weibo marketing. The community is quite influential and loyal to a business or brand. Marketer must pay attention to fans, because fans will spread the information of the company in a positive way. It is also can be regarded as a way of advertising.


4.   Event

There are many events are held on Weibo, and most of the events are sweepstakes. Events are effective and attractive on Weibo. For a short term, well organized events will increase the popularity of the account. Secondly, the events will sharply increase the sales performance in a short run. Along with the fierce competition, marketers need do the following as well:

  • Organize event frequently; do not let fans wait for too long.
  • Integrate with other SNS, so that spread to more place.
  • Interact with fans and participants

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