Facebook Isn’t Dead: 10 Reasons to Keep Using It for Your Business

Today, I read an article called “Facebook isn’t dead10 reasons to keep using it for your business” on blog. It took me into deep thinking about Facebook. The following 10 reasons changed my thoughts.


1. It’s Great for Recruiting

Facebook provides a great platform for our business to show our company  culture. Although China is the main market for us, we still need employ staff to deal with problems suppliers. Facebook is helpful for us to recruit.

2. It’s the Largest Social Network

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet. It will increase our brand awareness, so that more potential suppliers will know us. We are able to create relationships with more suppliers and get a better price from them.

3. It Offers Cost-Effective User Acquisition

Facebook cost less for users. This will help us reduce cost, so that maximise profit.

4. It’s Still Universal

Facebook is universal, almost all people know it and use it. People can use it on desktop, laptop, and mobile. We can easily access it, and people easily know us.

5. It’s a Cheap Way to Get New Customers

Although this reason not suitable for our business, we have to say it is a great way for local business to get new customers. Facebook provides cheap advertisement for businesses.

6. It’s Important for Customer Support

For us, it’s important for supplier support. It’s a good way for us to keep great relationships with our suppliers.

7. It’s Considered a Utility

Facebook is useful and many people regard it as a phone. It makes communication easier and more interesting.

8. It Helps Build Credibility

When potential suppliers look our business online, they wonder our credibility. Facebook provides a chance for them to understand our company’s credibility.

9. It Drives Web Traffic

Facebook will increase our company’s web traffic. People will know our company first from Facebook, and search further information on our website.

10. It’s Not Dead Yet

Although it’s falling organic reach, it still the suitable network for business. it will help us to success.

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