Use Wechat for Health Product Business

I want to sell New Zealand high quality health products to Chinese market. In order to reinforce our brand influence, Wechat will be a good choice for us. Wechat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service. It was developed by Tencent in China, and it has been the largest standalone messaging app in China. Here are four ways to use Wechat for health product business.


  1. Use Moments Functions to Attract Followers

Users can send status updates with pictures and short snippets of text. For us, we can send the pictures of health products and compile the introduction of the health products to the Moments. This can be looked at as the Facebook of functions inside of Wechat. Customers will see the new products as soon as possible.


    2.   Wechat Shop

There are more and more shops being built into Wechat. Brands such as ONLY and Sephora, have opened Wechat stores. Wechat store, on the other words, is a mini website that enables brands to complete their brand experience. In the Wechat store, brands can sell products and services directly. We will create brand store (as “Service Accounts”) to sell health products.


     3.   Share Brand Image

We will use Wechat to share our brand image. Our brand can get due attention by displaying our logo, brand name, and brand mission statement on the subscriber’s personal page. Through that, customers and followers will have a direct impression on our brand, and they will be able to know our tastes and preferences.

     4.   QR Codes

On Wechat, users or businesses are able to promote their brands by using Wechat QR Codes. For example, if I create a brand store, I would like to make our brand’s QR Code featured in all point of purchase materials. This will always give customers a reason to scan our QR Code.


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