It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy

Jay Baer’s article “Why it might be time to completely change your social media strategy”, which I read today, made me think deeply about it. In summary, Baer believes that shotgun methodology will be a trend in the future.

Social media offers brand reach, but it is difficult in offering reliable reach today. Reach refers to the estimated number of individuals in the audience of a broadcast that is reached at least once during a specific period time. Reliable reach is the ability to send a message to a person who has asked to hear from you, and for that message to reach that person. The difference between potential impressions and actual impressions has been a problem for social media. The incredible competition for attention is one of the reasons of lacking reliable reach. The free service is also a reason why businesses are tolerated in social media.


The lack of reliable reach is actually a waste for businesses. It is time to change the situation, and make it work efficient. The shotgun approach is a way to solve this problem. This effective approach includes three points. Firstly, you need to be sending more messages in more places. Secondly, the number of people you actually reach is much more important than the total potential size. Thirdly, build a touch point corral around each of your customers and fans.


In conclusion, I totally agree with Baer’s points. The quality and actual efficiency should instead of quantity focus era. What is more, concentrating on reliable reach will not reduce the quantity. On the contrary, the shotgun methodology will take a premium on quantity. The more places you are connected to customers, the more places you have permission to contact them, the greater the chances that you will actually be able to contact them somehow, somewhere. It is really worth us to change now.

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