How To Strengthen The Quality Of Your Twitter Community Today


A few days ago I read an article about strengthen the quality of your twitter and now I try to follow their suggestions and make the appropriate adjustments.

The link of this article:

Firstly, get To Know Your Community. Twitter is a Miniature Blog. Formulating an effective targeting strategy will ensure a high quality Twitter community. You can get a tantalizing portraits or a beautiful background in order to increase the appeal with your community and attract more followers. Choose a style you like to set up your blog. Discover your interests, likes and dislikes to record your unique style of blog.



Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.11.18


Secondly, clean Up Your Current Twitter Community. You can retrieve high quality instances based on your specific filter criteria when your followers accumulated to a certain number. The users of these categories including:

  • Users who have a default portraits
  • Users who are inactive for a long period of time

Find new followers through filtering options to improve the quality of your Twitter contacts.



Thirdly, post valuable content.  You can post some related contents like:

  • Funny pictures (like angry birds)
  • Thought-provoking tweets (like breaking news)
  • Interesting stories (share your stories of daily life)

The users will reprint your content people who like you post can future increase your influence in order to attract followers. Choose the best time to sweet. The right time of the day is before users go to work in the morning (during 9am) and after they back home (during 6pm). Let yourself always appear in their field of vision.

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